Funding for Nursing courses

The courses Leeds Trinity offers are:

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for UK home students are £9,250 in 2024/25. Depending on government policy, tuition fees may change in future years. For international students the fees for our nursing courses are £14,500 in 2024/25.

Student Finance

The main source of funding for these courses is student finance (student loans) through your student finance funding organisation. Students can apply for:

  • a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of the tuition fee each year
  • support with maintenance (essential living costs)
  • students with dependants can also apply for additional support
  • students with a disability can apply for support with costs such as specialist equipment or specialist mentors.

You can find out more about student finance on your student finance organisation websites:


To be eligible for student finance, students must meet the residency criteria. This means holding settled status (such as being a UK national) and have been residing in the UK for a certain period of time prior to the start of the course. You can find out more about residency eligibility on your student finance organisation websites. Students classed as International Students are not usually eligible for any funding from the UK governments.

The government will not usually fund students to undertake a degree if they already hold a degree at the same level. However, these courses are exempt from that rule. Even if you already hold a degree, you would usually be eligible for student finance to study one of these courses.

Some parts of the student finance package (maintenance support and dependants support) are means-tested on household income. This means how much you are eligible to receive depends on the income of your household. The Tuition Fee Loan is not means-tested.


The application cycle for student finance for courses starting in academic year 2024/25 will open in March 2024. Students can apply online by creating an account through the student finance organisation website for their home country. Apply as early as possible so you can plan your budget. If you change your mind about starting a course, then you can cancel your student finance application.

Students will need to have an approved application for student finance to be eligible to apply for the NHS Learning Support Fund (see below).

Students must reapply for student finance for the second and subsequent year of their course. This is done through your student finance account when the application cycle opens for the relevant year. Students must apply for student finance within 9 months of the start of the academic year or they will not be eligible for funding for that year.


NHS Learning Support Fund (LSF)

The LSF is additional and secondary funding to student finance. Students must be able to show their student finance entitlement letter evidencing they are eligible for student finance in order to apply for the LSF.

If you are eligible, you can get:


To be eligible for the NHS LSF package, students must be eligible for both tuition and maintenance support from their student finance organisation (e.g. Student Finance England). International Students are not usually eligible for any funding from the UK governments, including the NHS LSF fund.

Eligibility for the Training Grant, Parental Support and placement costs does not depend on household income. Eligibility for an award from the LSF Exceptional Support Fund does depend on a student being assessed as being in financial hardship.

Students who are being paid for time off by their employer while they attend their course, or who are in receipt of any salary / payments from an NHS Trust or Health Education England will not be eligible for the NHS LSF.

To be eligible for funding in future academic years you must progress to the next year of your course. There is no ‘spare year’ of funding for the NHS LSF and repeat years are only funded in exceptional circumstances.


For courses starting in January 2025, students should apply to the NHS LSF for the training grant and parental support grant from when the application cycle opens for that funding (usually November onwards). Students will need to show they are eligible for tuition fee and maintenance support from their student finance organisation. You must apply for that funding first.

Students must register with the NHS Learning Support Fund application system Register for an NHS Learning Support Fund account ( (if they have not already done so) by the end of the first month of the academic year. You must make an application within six months from the start of the academic year in order to be eligible for funding that year. We strongly encourage students to apply for all their funding as early as possible and well in advance of the start of the course.

Students must apply for the NHS LSF each year of their course through their NHS LSF account when the application cycle opens for the relevant year. Continuing students will usually receive an e-mail inviting them to apply. Students must show their eligibility for student finance each year when they apply.

Students will apply for support with their placement expenses while they are on the course and will be given guidance by their placement team at Leeds Trinity

Students who need to apply to the NHS Exceptional Support Fund can do so through their NHS LSF online account once they have received their first instalment of maintenance funding from their student finance organisation


The NHS LSF £5,000 training grant (and any specialist course additional £1,000 payment) and the £2,000 parental support grant will be split into 3 equal instalments and paid over the academic year to fully registered students. These 3 payments are usually made during the term (example dates for courses that start in January are 21st March, 25th July, 21st November. This is different from maintenance loan payments which are paid in three instalments – once at the start of the course and then at the end of April and August.

Payment of placement expenses (travel and dual accommodation) are usually paid within 20 working days of a student submitting a claim to the NHS LSF.

Leeds Trinity Bursaries

Leeds Trinity offers a range of bursaries. Please visit the Undergraduate Finance page for more information.

Universal credit and other means-tested benefits

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit or any other means-tested welfare benefits from the government, you should upload your student finance entitlement letter and your NHS LSF entitlement letter in your Universal Credit Journal / provide those letters to the relevant agency so they can reassess your benefit entitlement. Some of the maintenance loan for which you are eligible will count in the benefit assessment. The NHS LSF funding will not usually count in a Universal Credit assessment but may count in legacy benefit assessments (such as housing benefit).

More information is available at NHS Learning Support - Financial support for healthcare students (