The University recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements.

We are fully committed to reducing our environmental impact through our business activities.

We are incorporating sound environmental and sustainability management policies and practices, which will include continually improving aspects of both performance and delivery as an integral part of the university’s corporate strategy and operating procedures.

We regularly review our policy and are currently updating it to reflect the challenges of climate change and our commitments in line with local and global sustainability challenges.

Here are some of the things we are doing on campus already:


Waste is separated:

  • dry mixed recycling in green bins is all sent for recycling and is increasing every year
  • general waste in black bins goes to a recycling and energy recovery facility
  • glass is sent to be processed for use in other glass products
  • food waste goes for biofuel and fertiliser
  • household items and clothes go to the British Heart Foundation's Pack for Good campaign, which is increasing each year from our accommodation blocks 
  • old furniture goes to a recycling company that refurbish and sell or repurpose items
  • crisp packets and oral care products are collected for return to Walkers and Colgate through Terracycle

None of our waste goes to landfill.


Water fountains are available across campus. We also provide our students with reusable water bottles to help them keep hydrated and reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles on site.

Four-minute shower timers are also provided in halls of residence to help save water.


Our suppliers are encouraged to support our sustainable aims.

Our catering provider now uses many environmentally friendly items such as paper straws and veggie ware takeaway boxes and cups, and they are moving from hard plastic four-pint bottles of milk to pouches which are 82% less plastic.

In October 2019 Leeds Trinity pledged to divest from Fossil fuel investments.

Student campaigns

We engage with our students through Love MyLTU week campaigns with an environment-focus, resulting in many pledges made by students to change their habits and help support a sustainable campus.

We also support our Students' Union with their Go Green week.


Print services use many recycled materials including 100% recycled material paper, and items such as pens, pencils, notebooks.

We are exploring ways of reducing all our printed materials and ensuring information is available online.


Leeds Trinity provides a free shuttle bus as part of our travel plan and operates a car share scheme to encourage people to avoid or lessen the impact of vehicles on site.

We also have car electric charging points in our car parks.

Estates department

Another area we are actively reducing our use of energy and carbon is in our Estates department, this includes:

  • the electricity supplied to the University is provided by sources which are 100% renewable
  • approximately 30% of lighting within the existing campus has been replaced with LED luminaires
  • all new build/refurbishment works have LED lighting incorporated such as automatic lighting control where practicable
  • approximately 40% of the lighting around campus has automatic control such as presence/absence detection
  • new boiler sets have improved efficiencies over the replaced items
  • installation of CHP (Combined Heating and Power) which ensures that, in addition to burning gas for heating and hot water, we also generate electricity
  • solar PV systems installed in Kirkstall Hall generate clean energy
  • power factor correction unit installed within AKLC extension, to ensure optimum efficiency
  • continual improvements to the Building Management System (BMS) system to ensure plant and equipment are working within efficiency parameters

Environmental Champions

The University has an active Environmental Champions group made up of volunteer staff, students and the Students' Union.

They meet every six weeks and are instrumental in proposing and actioning Environmental and Sustainable activities on site.

They engage with wider global events such as Earth Hour to promote to our community the actions they can take to save our planet.


Our next project is to plant 40 trees on our lovely green site with a pathway and nature trail through to encourage everyone to get outside, relax and enjoy!