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myFuture Connections

myFuture Connections is a mentoring scheme that is open to students in all years and subject. It connects students with alumni and business partners of Leeds Trinity University to help with the transition from university to graduate employment. Nurturing experienced and well-rounded graduates is our vision and providing students with the opportunity to connect with professionals is a key strategy to helping us achieve this.

Mentoring will involve communications between November 2020 - February 2021. These can take place over email, phone or Skype.  

Timings for the programme

DateScheme information 
September  Alumni and Business Partners are invited to participate in the scheme as mentors
September to October Students can apply to be mentees
November Matching takes place and all mentors and mentees are contacted
November Mentoring begins 
February Mentoring takes place

Although we can’t promise to match everyone, we will communicate with everyone at every stage of the process.  Once matched, objectives for each mentorship will be devised to provide a structure to the partnership. The scheme requires regular communications from both parties, we recommend a minimum of three hours of contact time in total.  

Mentoring handbooks

We have devised handbooks for both mentors and mentees to provide further information on best practice, timings, expectations, top tips and how we’ll keep in touch throughout the scheme.

Registering your interest

Please note, we have now taken down the forms as the scheme has commenced. if you are interested in being a mentor in the future please email the myFuture team.

Reviewing the scheme 

At the end of the scheme, a survey will be provided and both mentors and mentees will have the opportunity to reflect on what development has taken place over the previous months.

Further information

If you have any questions about the programme, please email the myFuture team