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I moved from Italy to start my PGCE and upon my arrival at Leeds Trinity University I experienced that sense of calm and peacefulness.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I moved from Italy to start my PGCE and upon my arrival at Leeds Trinity University I experienced that sense of calm and peacefulness. I was overwhelmed by this new building, with its bright cheery entrance, chapel, library, gym, rooms and flats for students, all immersed in a beautiful luscious green countryside. There was a bustling feeling of excitement and a flurry of smiley friendliness.  I felt it to be the right University to continue my studies.

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My experiences and memories whilst studying my PGCE

I can confidently state that I had dark moments during the seemingly endless nine-month course that, step by step, led me to becoming an NQT. The amazing teachers (Ed Podesta, Alex Ford, Liz Mcguire, Andy Brownless, Lisa Madden, Charlotte Wright) gave me an enormous induction to teaching, offering me the possibility to learn so many notions in only one month.

I was suddenly thrust into my first placement, spending hours and hours, days and days, weekends and weekends sometimes only planning one lesson. During the Christmas holidays, rather than be surrounded by presents and relations, my flat was full of books.

Then came the second stage, which had some initial problems but thanks to Anne Bean, Hellen Kenneally and again Lisa Madden I soon overcame them. My Easter Holidays were spent writing the Planning for Progression Master Assignment.

The third stage finally arrived. On 23 June 2017 I gave my last hug to my PGCE colleagues. It was over. I was exhausted but that feeling of elation was indescribable. I had DONE it!

Great support as an NQT

Whenever I had a problem I was always reassured by Lisa Madden, who continually helped me and supported me through any challenges. All students had the opportunity of being guided by NQT mentor Charlotte Wright. I was in a very supportive, inclusive school so I never had issues with staff or wellbeing, but there were some colleagues who really benefitted from her support, which included solving issues within the school where they were employed. This really helped me during my first few years as a teacher.

Why I came back to study an MA in Education

There were intrinsic and extrinsic reasons for my choice to continue my studies. One extrinsic reason was that I was already part of the University and I could benefit from a discount, and that 60 credits were accepted from my PGCE assignments. In addition to this, I already knew Andrew Pearce, John McCall and Charlotte Wright, and was aware of their professionalism and knowledge.

Some intrinsic reasons are that I love the Leeds Trinity library and I genuinely enjoy getting lost in those shelves! Doing my research on the first floor created an environment that enveloped me in peacefulness and self-satisfaction. Furthermore, it was a substantial step I needed to move to my future professional development aspirations.