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Assistant Psychologist at a Mental Health Hospital in India

Lecturers ensured a personalised teaching experience by catering to every student's needs and the smaller classrooms enabled regular teacher-student support sessions.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

When I was applying to study in England, I saw that Leeds Trinity was ranked in the top 25 of all UK universities for student satisfaction and teaching. Leeds Trinity also had a post study employment rate of 97% which made me choose this University for my postgraduate course.

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Special memories from my time at Leeds Trinity

Because I worked part-time whilst studying at Leeds Trinity I came back late to the halls of residence sometimes. My accommodation was part-catered so I used to get all my meals from the canteen. Due to working overtime I would miss getting dinner from the canteen sometimes and the canteen staff noticed this. Debbie would kindly drop off my dinner at the campus Security Office every time I was late to ensure I didn't go without eating dinner. She really looked out for me and this gesture made me feel at home.

This meant so much to me as an international student living so far away from home. Debbie would also ask my meal preferences beforehand so that I would not only eat, but enjoy my dinner as well. I will always be grateful to Debbie for going above and beyond to make me feel at home at Leeds Trinity! 

My fondest memories were bonding with my classmates over a cup of coffee at the Atrium between classes and I also enjoyed our study sessions together at the library. 

My highlights and favourite aspects of the course

My favourite aspect of the course had to be Dr James Jackson's lectures. His lectures were interesting and engaging and he always readily helped me whenever I asked for help. I have previously struggled with statistics, but his lectures made me understand the concepts in depth and I was able to apply them in my thesis. 

Lecturers ensured a personalised teaching experience by catering to every student's needs and the smaller classrooms enabled regular teacher-student support sessions. 

Experiences that opened up to me while I was studying on the course 

The assignments on the course had good practical relevance. We were asked to pick our own topics related to the subjects most times. This was unique to this course and University. Although challenging, this course made me pinpoint my interests in the field of Psychology by not restricting us to pre-decided topics. 

Utilising the support services 

I felt supported throughout the course. I was able to secure my first job in England with the help of the myFuture team. I also got help with my assignments from the Learning Hub team. During the lockdown, regular emails from Trinity Wellbeing with tips and mindfulness techniques helped me with my overall mental wellbeing especially since I was on my own. 

My career after graduating 

After graduating I took on the role as an Intern, as an Assistant Psychologist at a renowned Mental Health hospital in India. My MSc at Leeds Trinity gave me an insight and deeper knowledge in the field of mental health. I aspire to do a doctorate in Clinical Psychology to become a registered practicing Clinical Psychologist.

My advice to others thinking about enrolling on to the course

If you're seeking a personalised teaching experience with experts in the field look no further! The MSc Psychology (Conversion) course at Leeds Trinity has carefully thought-out modules and tasks to well equip students in the field of Psychology.