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Social entrepreneur and singer

Take the plunge and begin your journey here, as there are a wide range of opportunities to develop your career prospects but also grow as a person.

Choosing to attend Leeds Trinity

I chose Leeds Trinity University for two reasons. One was the quality of the course and the practical element of the Bi-media journalism course was very interesting. It gave me an opportunity to use modern media equipment that I had never used during my journalism work in Sri Lanka or in the Philippines.

Secondly, the location was ideal for me and my family to become settled. The University is located in the pretty town of Horsforth, and is not far from Leeds city centre. The town has outstanding schools for my children, easy transport and many more facilities. 
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Valuable placement opportunities

I had a great opportunity to work at BBC World Service in London. I spent over a month there, working with very experienced journalists in BBC Bush House.

Leaving with a new skill set

I really enjoyed the practical part of the course the most, especially the opportunity I had to use media equipment and the opportunity to gain work experience in the BBC World Service. 

Even though I had some working experience in television and radio, I don’t think I had in-depth knowledge about the subject. Studying media law was a new experience and it gave me wider knowledge about the responsibilities and the boundaries of journalists. 

My career after graduating

After completing my course at Leeds Trinity I was offered a few media jobs in London, however, I turned down the offers as I was reluctant to leave the family back in Horsforth, where my children were studying. I understood my family needed me and I sacrificed my career opportunities for my family.

I am now working in two different sectors, however, I use my media knowledge in all my work. I have a Youtube channel in the Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) language and I have produced over 40 programmes, mainly to share my experience in Europe to support the development of Sri Lanka.

Apart from my work, I am heavily involved with many community projects.   

Retaining close links with Leeds Trinity

I have worked closely with the Leeds Trinity alumni community, especially with the help of Brett Arnall, who since 2017 has supported Sri Lankan community events at the University. As a result, Leeds Sri Lankan community and the University have developed a very strong relationship. 

My advice to prospective students thinking about journalism

There is definitely a high standard of academic teaching at Leeds Trinity University, which is very important. I still believe the location of the University is important for mature families with children and Horsforth provides an excellent environment for families to grow.

My best advice would be to take the plunge and begin your journey here, as there is a wide range of opportunities to develop your career prospects and also grow as a person.