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Life Coach for Ronda Solutions and Media Manager for TeknTrash.

My favourite memory is flying out to Calgary, Canada, for my second-year placement. It was here that I worked with amazing people from Numa Network - a modelling and creative agency.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

I have great reasons for choosing Leeds Trinity! Coming from Cracow in Poland, Leeds reminded me of my home city, and it was also very close to my family who were nearby. Leeds Trinity appeared small for me and I loved this. I knew people would know me by name, recognise my values and lecturers would remember me. Also, my decision was heightened by the fact that the course offered two placements, giving me the opportunity to challenge myself in professional settings.

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What I loved about the course

I really valued the range of modules over the three years, starting with my favourite, the Online Platform. This subject allowed me to examine my potential and I was very passionate about the creative freedom I had there! I was also pleasantly surprised with having a large volume of psychology content in the module about leadership.

A creative project I was involved with allowed me to work with colleagues on the creation of an online show, featuring a documentary about the coffee scene in Leeds. I had often been for great ‘coffee dates’ with University friends, where I really got to know each of them and their life stories. 

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As a student, I really got into international and local marketing and I learned practical strategies around branding and marketing overall. These really helped build my confidence.

Challenging myself – my first placement

My first placement at Link Communication Office felt a little scary, as at the time, I was not as confident in my level of English as I am today. Luckily another student was undertaking the same placement though. We got the chance to promote a London brand and build communication around it in London. It was here that I gained the confidence to approach different people and be more open-minded about marketing strategies. I really benefited from this opportunity and the professional experience I took away.

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My favourite memory – my second placement

My favourite memory is flying out to Calgary, Canada, for my second-year placement. It was here that I worked with amazing people from Numa Network - a modelling and creative agency. I was involved in weekly photoshoots, castings and, most importantly, different activities every day.

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I got to work alongside incredible women who inspired me daily and we even had office pets! Numa Network has a special place in my heart and always will.

Life after graduating from Leeds Trinity

After finishing my studies at Leeds Trinity, I undertook a MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology course at the University of East London. I also became a Life Coach for Ronda Solutions and Media Manager for TeknTrash.  

My advice for a student looking at a similar career route

Firstly, work on your confidence and ego as this can mix up a life a little bit. It is excellent to become more open-minded, listen to other’s opinions without judgment and have an honest smile on your face. This career route involves lots of human communication, so be open about your feelings and ask lots of questions!

Always look for people who share a similar passion because this can help in the bonding process; however, look for challenges for yourself and give different things a try. And most importantly, if you see an opportunity to get involved with a project, do your research thoroughly and ask yourself if you resonate with it.