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Junior Editor and Junior Channel Manager at OfficeBlokesReact, YouTube channel

During my time at Leeds Trinity I enjoyed three valuable placements that covered so many different areas equipping me for my career.

Why I chose Leeds Trinity and what I enjoyed most about the course

I chose Leeds Trinity because of its unique course in TV Production, no others universities advertised a similar course in TV.

The most enjoyable part of the course was being able to use the equipment, and the ability to jump around different roles, which was the most beneficial aspect for my development. I loved being able to be involved with various roles ranging from pre-production as well as filming and post-production. Knowing just a little about as many roles as you can will take you a long way in the industry.

Maximus Edge studio.

Student life

I lived in the student area of Headingley, which gave me the space to focus on my projects and also enjoy some brilliant nights out.

I loved the days in which the team and I really nailed a shoot or an interview, I can’t describe the feeling of knocking a shoot out of the park, knowing you’ve banked something special to play around with in the edit. Alongside that creating my own football podcast was a great feeling and learning software like Photoshop and Premiere Pro was amazing. Hosting something for the first time really allowed me to gain confidence on camera. 

Valuable placements

During my time at Leeds Trinity, I enjoyed three valuable placements that covered so many different areas equipping me for my career.

GiveMeSport/Snack Media gave me great insight into the world of social and sports media. I got the chance to create and edit run and gun content during The World Cup. This really helped my understanding of what can go viral, alongside seeing behind the scenes of large viral campaigns which garner millions of impressions over all social media.

21 Degrees Digital was a wonderful digital marketing agency. I shadowed the extremely talented videography department over multiple shoots to see the difference between average and high-quality videography. Also getting to use extremely expensive equipment was a massive plus.

Wise Owl Films really let me explore my creativity on pitches for Channel 4 and I got to work with a great team through all the stages of pre-production. This included pitch meetings and creating sizzle reels. I was shown the scale of the TV industry and just how talented the people really are. 

New skills I left University with

I left Leeds Trinity with confidence in my ability. I really think my student experience allowed me to work on my portfolio of skills needed for the industry. I’ve found confidence is an extremely important skill in the industry from interviews to every day working in your role.

Maximus Edge graduation.

My career since graduating

I was proud to secure a job just before my graduation as a Junior Editor and Junior Channel Manager at OfficeBlokesReact, a YouTube channel based in Manchester that has over 240k subscribers. This role has allowed me to take on creative control of in-house projects and a significant voice in new ideas for the channel.

My advice to students

My number one advice to all students in media is to go for it! It may sound simple but I faced lots of anxiety and fear of failure over the years which really halted my progress. The way I developed the most was by undertaking roles I had never tried before and throwing myself in at the deep end.

Any students in TV or Media are very welcome to contact me for advice either through my LinkedIn or Instagram