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Sports Development Officer, Manchester Met

I became a much more confident person after my first three years at Leeds Trinity.

Several reasons to choose Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity was close to home which meant I could continue my part-time job alongside my studies and it also had the course that I really wanted to study. The institution was also renowned for its teaching.

But for me, the most important reason I chose Leeds Trinity was because you are a name not a number, which is echoed throughout the University. This definitely helped the whole experience and made me feel part of a community, which went on to provide fantastic memories. One of these memories is my very first day, a mixture of nerves and excitement whilst wondering what the next three years would entail.

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Gaining confidence and being part of a great club

I became a much more confident person after my first three years at Leeds Trinity. The University really helped not just academically but through the social side too. I was very lucky to be able to be part of the Leeds Trinity Titans Rugby League Team - the greatest team at University! Not only was I able to play for them, but I was also the Chairman of the team for two and a half years. This for me is my best memory, being part of such a great team and meeting so many people who are all just as enthusiastic as I am about rugby league.

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An enriching student experience

I completed two placements during my studies, both were helpful although the second was inhibited by COVID-19. Nonetheless, the first placement was able to guide me into a career that I wanted to do when I graduated.

The people on the course really helped my experience, I met some amazing people and made lifelong friends. Not only this but I was able to completely broaden my knowledge about physical education.

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My advice to others

For those looking to join Leeds Trinity University, I would highly recommend it. Not only this, if anyone was thinking of doing a Physical Education course or a similar sport course, again I would recommend especially if you’re wanting to go down the teaching route after. The teaching of the courses alongside the facilities available make it a really enjoyable experience.