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Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, Leen Newtrition

You will not find a better place to study. Leeds Trinity University gives you the opportunity to flourish and grow to match your potential and effort.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity University

The original appeal to choosing Leeds Trinity University was how you were promised to be a person not a number in a system. The size of the University is perfect for that. I was able to build excellent relationships with my peers, lecturers, and all university staff (including the cleaners and catering staff).

The best things about studying at Leeds Trinity

The course covered a range of topics and disciplines that kept the learning interesting as well as challenging. The first two years were spread over multiple disciplines which gave me the chance to explore areas of interest. Then, the third year I was able to specialise in a few chosen areas. I particularly enjoyed my last year specialising in the topics I found most interesting and wanted to pursue a career in.

Lee Newburn in atrium.

The aspect I enjoyed the most was the positive relationships between most students and lecturing staff. If you work hard and engage, the lecturing staff notice and make sure you are getting everything back in return for your efforts.

The value of placements

I undertook a placement at Platform Performance Personal Training Gym (Formally Platform Performance Strength and Conditioning).  I developed from an intern during my placement in first year to staying on throughout my degree becoming a fully integrated team member as one of the three full-time coaches.

I came into my degree as a mature student and had already experienced a career in public health with my local council. However, my placement gave me experience in the fitness industry that has ultimately spring boarded me into where I am today. I believe the placements are a fantastic opportunity to gain experience, especially for those that have not worked before or have not worked in a specific role within their field on interest.

Utilising other opportunities available

I was able to volunteer throughout my whole degree. This is partly due to the opportunity to volunteer as a module, but also the ability to manage my workload and take responsibility of my time. I had the benefit of not living on campus and commuting from Manchester, which made my use all of my time on campus at events and studying to my top potential. I would have liked to study abroad but I chose not to at the time.

My advice to prospective students considering a similar course 

Do it! Make the most of every situation. At this University you are known, which means your efforts are recognised and you get back what you put in. If you are prepared to give it your all, apply yourself, be engaging, and be a generally decent human, you will not find a better place to study. Leeds Trinity University gives you the opportunity to flourish and grow to match your potential and effort. The staff want you to succeed just as much as you want too.

App launch 

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