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Senior Club Journalist, Liverpool Football Club Media Department

The facilities at Trinity are also some of the best I have visited, and they're exactly what you will face in whatever field you decide to study whether that is TV, radio or written.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I came along to one of the open days and really loved the feel of the University straight away. I had been to a lot of other places to visit, but preferred the idea of having a personal relationship with my tutors during my degree rather than being a number on a sheet of paper, which can happen at bigger places. It was an industry I was really determined to get into, and I felt like the personal feedback I would receive from coming here would help benefit my chances of breaking into what can be a competitive choice of profession.

The facilities at Trinity are also some of the best I have visited, and they're exactly what you will face in whatever field you decide to study whether that is TV, radio or written. It felt like the perfect place to continue my higher education, and I'm really glad I made the decision to study here.

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My best memories

Personally, I struck up friendships that I will have for life. I also met my wife to be whilst studying at Trinity, and for that I will always be thankful! I had a lot of fun playing for the cricket team and going out on the socials. I would highly recommend joining a team or club for nights out. They're a great way to meet people who aren't on your course, and obviously Leeds is brilliant for nightlife.

Professionally, I really enjoyed the relationship I struck up with many of my tutors; which was one of my aims in coming. They've worked in the industry and what they give you in terms of feedback can be crucial to help improve and develop your skills. Journalism Week was also a major bonus too. It is a really unique opportunity to gain insight from working journalists. One of the key speakers during my time was Jeff Stelling, and although he is a big character, he really showed the hard work and commitment needed to succeed.

The biggest skills I took away

Using the facilities at Trinity helped massively as they are genuinely what you will be faced with in any TV or radio studio up and down the country. I started a podcast with some of my peers, which prepared me for any appearances in a similar environment now. I work for a paper currently, but I cannot stress enough that you will need all of these skills.

It may sound silly, but the biggest thing I felt I got from my three years was confidence and belief in myself. I came to Leeds Trinity as a young man but when I left I really felt ready for whatever the industry might throw at me. It can be a tough place and being versatile can be key to unlocking a lot of doors.

My role

I currently work for the Yorkshire Evening Post as a football journalist covering Leeds United. It is a demanding job at times but working for a paper that serves this city and the supporters is a very proud thing for me. 

My placement got me so much vital experience

I did my placement with Sky Sports in Leeds during my studies. I spent a month on the desk subbing, writing and editing website copy along with covering games and the transfer window through live blogs. I also later helped cover the World Cup in 2014. I ended up landing a freelance contract with Sky because of how well it all went. And from there I gained a few more contacts and got more freelance work which gave me a foot in the door and a base to start from when I graduated.

I continued working freelance for a few months and then opted to try and gain more experience alongside it that would display my skill set. I moved myself to Scotland for six months and became the Press Officer for East Fife FC - a part time League One football club based in Fife. But that's a whole other story.

My advice to others contemplating a similar path

It sounds obvious, but try to absorb as much information as you can and use everything as a learning experience. And, crucially, don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's the best way to grow and is an important part of who you are. If you come to Leeds Trinity you'll be taught by people who know the industry inside out and from that experience I feel it is invaluable for anyone in their formative years wanting to study journalism.

I have on occasion still leaned on a few of them for advice since graduating; education never stops. Leeds Trinity can prepare you, give you a base and all of the tools for success, after that it is then up to you to go out and grasp it.