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I feel as if Leeds Trinity have continued to support me and take an interest in my development even after the course has finished.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

I chose Leeds Trinity because of its long history and credibility in teacher training and because it offered a school direct partnership with a school local to me. I really enjoyed the course especially the work towards the PGCE assignments and the research and reading that went with that. The fact that almost all of the teaching at University was subject-based was also a massive factor for me. To see everything through the lens of maths teaching really helped me to learn and improve my pedagogy and subject knowledge.  

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Being a trainee and using the School Direct route to get into teaching

The school direct route for me offered the best of both worlds. I really wanted to have the experience of going back to University and enjoying the academic and research-driven side of the course. The School Direct route allowed me to do this but also gave me the opportunity to work primarily in a school-based environment for professional studies as well as my placements. It also offered me the support of the lead teachers and staff in my school direct placement which meant I had even more people willing to answer questions, offer support and share their experiences with me.  

Ongoing support from Leeds Trinity

I have been involved in some sessions as part of the alumni network which has offered information and support on a variety of subjects. I feel as if Leeds Trinity has continued to support me and take an interest in my development even after the course has finished.

My advice for anyone else thinking of going down the school direct route

My advice is to find a good fit for you personally. Teacher training is a fantastic experience, but it can be demanding and feeling able to ask for help and to get support is vital to enjoying the course and progressing well. Although everyone focuses on their relationships with their students as a new teacher, which is obviously incredibly important, it is also important to think about how you will work with and develop relationships with the other teachers and professionals that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a teacher.  

Finally, location is an important factor too. Make sure you can easily travel to your school direct lead school and University if at all possible. A long commute can add unnecessary stress.