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Religious Studies Teacher

I made friends at Leeds Trinity whom I will have for life, I really am proud and privileged to have come to Leeds Trinity and had such a great experience.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I am from a small town in King’s Lynn and the idea of a campus that was far spread scared me. Leeds Trinity is a small campus, where all the accommodation is onsite and it is surrounded by countryside as well as city, so it offered the best of both worlds. I tried to make the most of the countryside and would go on walks and explore the surrounding area, which was beautiful. 

My best student memories

There are too many great memories to mention them all!  I loved the Students’ Union nights such as St Patrick’s Day, where we learnt how to Irish dance and the karaoke nights. Additionally, I loved my lecturers and the friendly atmosphere, it was like being apart of one big family. Everyone was supportive of one another, and everyone would talk to everyone.

I enjoyed having conversations with the canteen and Starbucks staff and they were always there to support me when I was having a bad day. I made friends at Leeds Trinity whom I will have for life, I really am proud and privileged to have come to Leeds Trinity and had such a great experience.

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Getting involved

I was a member of the LGBTQ society and the Philosophy Society. It was lovely as I got to build great friendships, explore subjects further that I love and meet people with the same interests as myself. 

Valuable placement opportunities

I was not sure whether I wanted to be a teacher or go into politics, so for my first placement I went into a school and for my second I split my time between working in Leeds City Council and Sue Ryder Vintage Charity Shop. I loved having the placements to help me decide what I wanted to do within my career, and I used them to help me build confidence and experience of what it is like working in different careers. 

Leaving with key skills

I left with so many skills - community skills, presentation skills, teamwork, resilience, self-belief. I learnt Spanish and I was able to learn how to adapt to my surroundings, I even learnt how to use a washing machine!

Overcoming challenges

I had challenges whilst at university with mental health and other issues and I fell pregnant in my third year, however, with the help of the wellbeing team, student support, my lecturers and peers I was able to complete my degree and graduated when I was 8 months pregnant. I then took a gap year to look after my little girl before studying at the University of Cambridge, doing a Religious Studies PGCE at Homerton College, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite every challenge I faced, I became a fully qualified Religious Studies teacher in June 2021. 

My advice to prospective students

The advice I would give to anyone studying at Leeds Trinity is to be yourself and get involved in as much as possible. Talk to everyone and anyone, friendships are found in the most unlikeliness of places. Additionally, work hard but have fun and ensure you get some downtime.