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Lecturer in Early Childhood, Leeds Trinity University

I walked into Leeds Trinity thinking I knew what I wanted to do in the future, but through the placements and the help of my tutors I realised I had other ambitions.

Why I chose Leeds Trinity

I chose to attend Leeds Trinity after attending one of the open days and feeling so welcomed by the community atmosphere. I had looked round some larger universities which daunted me as I came from a small village. I was taken round by a Student Ambassador who was so friendly and willing to answer any questions I had, and it was obvious they enjoyed their job so much. This later encouraged me to be a Student Ambassador when I joined in the September. As I left the University gates my dad turned to me and said I can really see you going here and from then my heart was set on Trinity.

After enjoying my undergraduate degree so much I decided to continue my education by embarking on an MSc Psychology (Conversion) which I graduated from in 2018.

My best student memories

Some of my best student memories were around my course and the joy I had from learning with friends I have made for life. I walked into Leeds Trinity thinking I knew what I wanted to do in the future, but through the placements and the help of my tutors I realised I had other ambitions. This realisation and support from the university staff was something I was so happy to talk about as a Student Ambassador and promote the support available at the University.

Working on open days were my favourite shifts because I always hoped to show someone the ethos of the University as the ambassador did to me on my open day. I then later worked alongside students who had seen me on an open day and chose to come to the university, I felt like I had completed the circle.

Though my favourite memory will always be giving the vote of thanks at my undergraduate graduation. I felt immense pride standing before my fellow students giving thanks to the University and the support I received from the staff who helped me every step of the way, throughout my degree.

Hannah Crooks vote of thanks.

Essential placement experience

I completed one of my placements at a primary school in my home village and the other at a RAF nursery. Both were incredible learning experiences and allowed me to put the learning from my degree into practice. They did however clarify to me that they were not something I wanted to work in for the future which helped me understand my future plans.

My career after graduation

After completing my masters my plan was to take a year out from education and do some travelling. I had been in education from the age of 4. However, at my graduation I met one of my lecturers who mentioned to me that they needed a guest lecturer to cover a session and asked if I would be interested. I completed my guest lecture and fell in love with teaching the subject I had learnt four years previously. I was offered the opportunity to teach on a module and my passion grew. In July 2020 a permanent position was advertised, and I now teach my favourite subjects to students in the same position I sat in 2014.

Hannah Crooks graduation.

My advice to prospective students

I would say prepare to give your time and effort and you will see great results. Enter every lecture with an open mind and your understanding and opinions may change or at the very least you will consider other sides of the discussion. It will be some of the best years of your life and time really does fly by, so enjoy every second of it and I can guarantee you will make friends for life at the University. The skills you learnt from this course will change the way you think and even have you considering things differently as you walk down the street.