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Community Reporter for the Telegraph and Argus

In my final year, I felt like a full-blown journalist as I was conducting my own interviews for articles that I wanted to write and having the final call.

Why I chose Leeds Trinity University for my degree

I chose Leeds Trinity University because it offered a complete syllabus, it taught practical skills which were incorporated into assignments and real-life experiences as well as teaching theory and the foundations of Journalism. The course looked more appealing here than any other university, and the state-of-the-art equipment only added to that. 

Haleema Saheed with paper.

The best thing about the course

The best thing about my course was that I was learning how to do the job, and not just learning information. In my final year, I felt like a full-blown journalist as I was conducting my own interviews for articles that I wanted to write and having the final call. I enjoyed having the opportunity to try new things such as radio and TV. I knew I wouldn’t go on to pursue them as options in my second or third year, but it was good to gain a little experience and to get to know the equipment that I will probably come across in the future. Another great thing was, Journalism and Media week, this event made the whole course worth it. The line-ups were always really interesting and the opportunities presented through it were just as great such as networking and development.  

Invaluable placements

I completed a placement in my first year at the Halifax Courier and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my lecturers. I gained vital experience and was thrown into the work at hand and treated like every other staff member. I wrote articles for the newspaper and interviewed people on behalf of the company.

In my second year which was during the pandemic, I completed a remote placement with SWNS, a news agency that supplies stories to national papers. This was a very different experience but exciting and insightful none the less. I sourced stories, carried out interviews and liaised with potential interviewees.  

Haleema Saheed in greenery setting.

Great facilities

The library was always a saviour as it provided a place for me to work and gave me access to a vast number of resources that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. The University support the journalism course really well by providing students with all the extra material needed such as BOB and GALE news files.  

The Learning Hub was always a great resource for assignments as it provided you with that chance to have someone else read your work and give you feedback before handing it in.  

Securing a job before graduating

I secured the role as a Community Reporter for the Telegraph and Argus, Bradford’s daily newspaper, before graduating.  Apart from learning the system the work isn’t all that different from the practical modules at university. I write articles, interview people and liaise with press officers and other people in the patch I report on to find stories. 

My advice to others  

I found my job online through a number of websites and I would highly suggest students follow as many people and organisations in the industry as possible so that you are aware of what’s available.