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A.G. Leventis scholar at Durham University

I can happily say I couldn’t have made a better choice. The small group sizes gave me the ability to easily discuss ideas, which is essential for a Philosophy student.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity University

I chose Leeds Trinity University as it was a small and welcoming community. Coming from Cyprus to a new Country and new City I felt very welcomed. I have been fully immersed in to University life not only as a student but as a Student Ambassador and a Student Rep for my course.

Enjoying the course

I really enjoyed the course. Even though everything I learnt was very new to me I can happily say I couldn’t have made a better choice. The small group sizes gave me the ability to easily discuss ideas, which is essential for a Philosophy student. As an individual I leave Leeds Trinity knowing more how the world works and how we see and perceive things as humans. It has immeasurably enhanced my view on life.

During my final year the diverse modules helped me to learn new things – these were of great value to me intellectually and the curriculum exceeded my expectations. On top of this the lecturers were always very helpful and considerate, always willing to help in any way possible.  Lecturers were also very willing to listen to feedback from my position as a Student Rep and act on it accordingly.

The broad spectrum of topics we were given the opportunity to explore throughout these three years. Studying Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at Leeds Trinity University was not just about completing a degree, but learning to comprehend the essential meanings of life through philosophy, ethics, religion, politics and history.

Challenges along the way

Having never studied Philosophy, Ethics or Religion before entering into this programme, it was quite challenging at first to adjust my more practical type of thinking medical school required, into the more reflective and independent thinking of Philosophy, Ethics and Religion. It took me almost a year to understand and adapt to all of this.

Support from my tutors

I had the chance to be taught by some very inspirational academics whilst studying at Leeds Trinity. For example, Dr Ann Marie Mealey and Dr Nathan Uglow for Ethics, Dr Efram Sera-Shriar, Dr Jon Simons, Dr Suzanne Owen and Dr Patricia Kelly in a combination of religion, history and politics and of course Dr Benjamin Wood, who in Level 6 was both my tutor in Philosophy, but also my dissertation and progress tutor, whose constant support and reassurance made me survive my final year at university.

Georgia Dimitriou outside.

What's your best memory/moment from your time here?

My best moment from Leeds Trinity was the opportunity I had to be part of the Taiwan Winter Camp. The University offers several studying-abroad programmes and this was one of them. I was able to visit a university in Taiwan for a week and learn in person about the Taiwanese culture, history and life. This was one of the best things I ever experienced!

Getting my degree results

I was very happy. I felt that I had proven to myself that making the choice to come to Leeds Trinity and study Philosophy was the right thing to do.

Being awarded the programme and Victorian Studies prize

I was very shocked. Throughout the three years of the degree I always tried to do my best, aiming to do as well as I could, but being awarded not only the programme prize, but also the Victorian Studies prize, was beyond my expectations.

After graduation

I undertook an MA in Philosophy at Durham University. ​