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Commercial Trader for a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

At such a pivotal time in our lives, Trinity provides a safe and encouraging environment for us to gain our independence and supports the growth of each student.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

There were a number of factors that influenced my decision to study at Leeds Trinity. Having spent most of my school years in Scotland, I knew I wanted to branch out on my own. Yet it was only when I came to the Psychology applicant day that I really appreciated and understood the meaning of the values that the university prides itself on, in a growing city of culture that offers something for everyone – both personally and professionally.

Still to this day, people always ask why I chose Trinity instead of just staying in Scotland and the answer is simple: at such a pivotal time in our lives, Trinity provides a safe and encouraging environment for us to gain our independence and supports the growth of each student. My family have witnessed the positive influence Trinity has had on me first hand, so much so, my youngest brother currently had a confirmed offer to also make the move to Leeds and begin his own journey at Leeds Trinity in September 2020.

My best memories

My four years at Trinity will forever be one of my favourite memories; made most memorable by the people I met along the way. It really is true when they say that lifelong friendships are made at university, something I will always be grateful to Leeds Trinity for. Of course, being a member of the Hockey team also provided many memorable moments and therefore my advice to anyone joining Trinity would be to join a sports team, even if that means trying a sport out for the very first time.

Georgia Cruickshank with trophy.

The biggest skills I took away from studying at Leeds Trinity

This is a question I have been asked by many in the past, but in all honesty, it wasn’t until I recently graduated from my postgraduate course, that I really understood the benefits both courses provided me. Ofcourse, there are the common skills of communication, enhanced literacy and numerical capabilities, but one often overlooked is resilience.

Studying for a degree is hard work, but the environment that Trinity creates teaches you to never give up, even when times a hard and at those moments when you think ‘I can’t do this’. The ability to do so really is an invaluable skill that will last a lifetime because even after university life there will be times both professionally and personally where you think ‘I can’t do this’ but then if you think back to the person you were when you began your degree to the person you are when you leave, along the way there is a moment of realisation, a situation that proves you always can.

Work after graduation

After my second graduation at Leeds Trinity I started working as a Commercial Trader for a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. I manage my own buying activity from eleven assigned European countries and enjoy successful working relationships throughout the UK with key national sales accounts. I also manage the company’s recruitment cycle. What I enjoy the most about my role is the growing dynamic structure of the industry and that no day is ever the same. Although there is no denying it is a highly pressurised and challenging environment to work in at times, the fact that I am working in an industry that allows me to play my part in helping make a positive impact to people’s lives is a strong motivator of mine.

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How my placement experiences helped me 

The placement opportunities that Trinity provided me with have undoubtedly given me confidence in a variety of professional environments where core skills are enhanced. The ability to gain practical experience that correlates to the theory being taught at university really is invaluable.

My advice to prospective students thinking about enrolling on the Health and Wellbeing Msc

My advice for anyone considering enrolling on the Health and Wellbeing MSc would be to really embrace the platform this course will provide you with both personally and professionally. As a growing topic of focus, not just within the UK but worldwide currently, there is no degree more relevant right now. It is a course that will teach you invaluable knowledge that can be transferred to and benefit a wide variety of occupations and industries. The opportunities with this course are endless – if you put in the effort, you will get the rewards.

Balancing my studies with my sporting commitments 

At times it was extremely challenging, especially in my final year of my undergraduate degree, the year of the penultimate dissertation, where I was not only representing the university every Wednesday and training twice a week, but also playing for the local women’s team on a Saturday and training once a week for them. I then also decided to challenge myself further and trial for the English Universities Team where I secured a place in the North Squad.

When I look back now at that year in particular but my whole university experience as a whole also, I really did push myself to try and achieve all that I could and the only way that I was able to do so was simply down to organisation, being able to prioritise and having the motivation to stay that one step ahead each time.