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Student Education Service Assistant, Leeds University

Try to attend an Open Day as first impressions are everything and this is what made my mind up about where to go and that the course I was choosing was right for me.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

Leeds Trinity was one of only two universities in the UK at the time that had BPS accredited counselling psychology degrees. I had other university options for different courses, however after visiting the campus on an Open Day and then an applicant visit, I was sold. The immediate sense of community and belonging was obvious. I spoke to the course leader, Bruce, who was so incredibly helpful and supportive, and I knew this would become home for me.

Eilidh Masson-Walker outside chapel.

Being a Student Ambassador

I became a student ambassador in my first year and this was the best decision I made at university. Most of my friends at university were made through this role as it allowed me to meet people on different courses and in different years that I would not have met otherwise. It also provided me with some incredible opportunities such as going to a UCAS event in Ireland to represent the university! This role gave me so much experience and really helped me build my confidence throughout my three years. It also helped me build a lot of skills that will be useful in my future career.


Leeds Trinity prides itself on placements and rightfully so. I have been lucky enough that despite studying during a pandemic I still managed to complete two great placements, both within teams at the university (The Alumni team and the Student Recruitment and Outreach team). Both placements allowed me to gain insight into the sense of community at Leeds Trinity and work alongside many different members of staff, immersing myself in events. They provided me with many incredible opportunities, and I managed to secure full-time employment following the completion of my course due to the experiences and skills I was able to gain from both.

Eilidh Masson-Walker at event.

Student Memories

Some of my best student memories have come from being a student ambassador, being able to gain new friends and work alongside them and getting to travel to events across the UK was amazing. I would also say some of the nights out and Otley runs have been crazy and some of the funniest and best memories I will be leaving the university with.

I have also been lucky enough to listen to some fantastic lectures and gain a lot from the academic side of university. I have gained so much confidence since starting university and have been able to do things that I could not have seen myself doing three years ago. The lecturers are so passionate about their subjects and this passion really resonates with students and it makes the lectures a lot more engaging.

My advice for Prospective Students

I would definitely say visit the university! Try to attend an Open Day as first impressions are everything and this is what made my mind up about where to go and that the course I was choosing was right for me.

Take every opportunity you are offered and don’t be afraid to get stuck in! Some opportunities you might usually say no to can end up being some of the best so put yourself out there and try and make the most of the experience. University can be an intimidating transition, but everyone is in the same boat so try to get involved as you will make friends for life and create some of the best memories, even the drunken ones you might want to forget.

You get out what you put in - make mistakes, learn from them and have the best time!