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Founder and Owner of Elemental Fitness

One of the obvious highlights was graduating from Leeds Trinity in 2009 and already having my own business.

My student mindset

When I was a student, I decided that I didn't want to work the stereotypical 9-5 working days and really wanted to be my own boss.  I wanted to not only utilise my degree but also be innovative and find a niche in the market. I did this by incorporating Karate and Kickboxing into fitness sessions.

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Early support for my business idea

The changing point for me was when I attended business master classes in 2008 and won a Leeds Trinity University Business Concept Competition to receive essential funding to move forwards with my business plan.

How Elemental Fitness developed

Elemental Fitness was founded in April 2008 when I was still a student. After receiving the funding I taught in the USA and then began networking by attending various business link workshops and seminars. I undertook thorough market research before acquiring office space and then got a gym contact. In December 2008 Elemental Kickboxing Academy started trading.

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Career highlights

One of the obvious highlights was graduating from Leeds Trinity in 2009 and already having my own business.  In this year I also featured in a Channel 4 documentary for a political broadcast. The impact of this was huge, afterwards I received positive reviews from the Yorkshire Evening Post. 

Since 2014 I have had a 3000 square foot studio in Bramley, Leeds. I also developed positive relationships with business partners and worked in schools teaching children. I have also worked with the NHS and West Yorkshire Police.

Secrets of my success

I always stayed professional, managed my workload well and prioritised clients and important tasks. I was well organised with seeking and applying for funding that was available.

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My top tips for current students considering starting their own business

  • Find a niche and produce a business plan
  • Follow your passion and remain positive about realising your aspirations
  • Take advice from professionals
  • Be confident and professional
  • Look for what funding is available and put together strong applications
  • Get as many testimonials as you can
  • Look after your own wellbeing along the way
  • Don't be opposed to calling on as many friends in your network as possible for support

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