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Student Liaison Officer, Leeds Trinity University

I cannot recommend studying at Leeds Trinity enough! I have been well supported throughout both of my courses here.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

I first chose Leeds Trinity University in 2015 to study Early Childhood studies as I liked that it was a smaller university, it was easier to meet people with similar interests and there was a real sense of community. It felt like home immediately, even on the open day!

The professional placements that were part of the course also made me want to attend. I am grateful this was part of the degree programme as at 18 you are not always thinking forward to your life as a professional.

Dana Llewellyn graduation.

Continuing my studies at Leeds Trinity

I decided to continue my studies at Leeds Trinity I saw they were offering a MA in Mental Health in Children and Young People which happened to be run by my undergraduate research project supervisor Bev Peartree! I felt so supported on my undergraduate degree I new this would be the right MA for me.

Highlights of my studies

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the MA the year has flown by! The volunteering and working aspect of the course was very important in gaining more skills within the workplace directly linked to children and young people‚Äôs mental health. The course allowed be to gain more confidence and make new friends that I am still in touch with now.

Overall, to say where I was at the start of the course, I improved my practice as a practitioner and my academic skills, I did not think I would be where I am right now and that is because of Bev, Richard, Tracy and the other lecturers on the course who have been really supportive throughout the whole year and especially during Covid-19.

My placement and personal development

I am naturally a quiet person. But during my MA I was determined to push myself throughout the year and I also had the opportunity to volunteer with Catholic Care. Being on placement while completing the MA taught me professional skills such as time management, punctuality and patience. I became more passionate about helping children and young people with mental health difficulties.

I was able to juggle my personal life, professional and study commitments as the course is one day a week which meant there is time to work part-time and volunteer in a different sector which supported my learning and study on my days off. Time management was key!

Dana Llewellyn graduation 2.

My career after graduating

Thanks to all of the help and support I have gained from the university and the tutors on both of my degrees after completing my MA I started working for Leeds Trinity University as a Student Liaison Officer during the Covid-19 pandemic. This position enabled me to use my prior experience and studies to support current students at Leeds Trinity and continue my professional development.

My advice for prospective students

I cannot recommend studying at Leeds Trinity enough! I have been well supported throughout both of my courses here and I would never have thought I would achieve an MA Mental Health in Children and Young People when I was younger. Go for it and reach out for help if you need it!