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Tutor in History, Geography and Religious Studies

Leeds Trinity really opened the doors for me to step into leadership quickly.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

I always wanted to be a teacher and I knew from its reputation that Leeds Trinity University was the best institution to study at, especially in History. The quality of provision was widely known and the added benefit was that the campus was close to where I lived.

Christopher Banham standing chapel.

My best memories from my student days

I got a great deal out of studying at Leeds Trinity, especially from my lecturer, Claire Smith. Studying at a Catholic institution was also very important to me, so I felt very at home in this environment.

My career after graduation

After graduating I taught at an independent school for several years, after one year I was in a leadership role. Leeds Trinity really opened the doors for me to step into leadership quickly. After eight years, I moved to a catholic school where I was the faculty leader for Religious Studies and the Assistant Headteacher for Catholic Life.

Launching my own business

I decided to leave the classroom, but not education altogether, and launch my own private tuition business. Launched in January 2024, Dr Humanities allows me to apply my 21 years’ experience and teach students aged 11-18 about History, Geography and Religious Studies in group settings or 1:1.

Christopher Banham sitting in chapel.

My advice to anyone else who is autistic or thinks they might be

I shared my story about being autistic to raise understanding of autism during Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024. I hope I can encourage other neurodivergent individuals to cast off masking and camouflaging, embrace their strengths, and aim to live a more authentic life.