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Content Designer, Scope

If I had the opportunity to start my student days again, I’d choose the same course. All the staff that taught me were very engaging and knowledgeable.

My blog

When I was 15 I started a blog and it really helped me to develop my confidence. As my health deteriorated I found it difficult. Yet over time I actually became more confident in who I am and realised that I couldn’t hide my disability anymore. I write about the personal experiences of having cerebral palsy and being registered blind.

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My blogs acknowledges both the good and the bad things about my life and I always write in the hope that my words can help and inspire other people. Firstly, I always write for myself. It’s allowed me to process my changing health, strengthening my own personal identity and how disability is a core part of this. I also love being able to share my experiences with others — so no one with cerebral palsy or a visual impairment feels alone.

I’m very proud, and honoured, that I have a large number of blog readers, this is an average of 50,000 per year. As part of my blog, I also am a freelancer and enjoy taking part in television interviews and public speaking.

Why I chose to attend the Trinity

I chose to attend Leeds Trinity for several reasons — including its small size and accessibility.  As well as the friendly and supportive staff and the atmosphere on campus.

My best student memories

Being the Disability Officer at Leeds Trinity is both my best and most challenging memory! When I commit to something I give nothing less than 100% — so undertaking this role in my final year was most definitely a challenge.

Living in halls was definitely fun too. I lived in Fountains Court in my first year, and then All Saints in my final year. During my student days I also grew my freelance career through giving talks, writing and campaigning.  

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What I loved about the course

Psychology always has and continues to fascinate me. If I had the opportunity to start my student days again, I’d choose the same course. All the staff that taught me were very engaging and knowledgeable.

I have mild cerebral palsy, which is a lifelong neurological condition that affects movement, coordination and balance. Having this lived experience of disability meant I found aspects of the course personally interesting. I was able to look into the neurological factors of psychology and the brain, and the reasons behind symptomatology, which included different conditions and impairments.

How the course has benefited my career

In my everyday role I use lots of data metrics and the course taught me about data analysis. Not only that, social psychology, how we process information and how disability might alter this has been invaluable when writing advice content for disabled people. 

My career since graduating

I have worked at Scope since graduating from Leeds Trinity. I also did a three-month internship there during the summer before I graduated. During my internship, I contributed to the online forum and offered advice to disabled people and their families.

As a Content Designer for Scope, I write information and advice for their website. This includes benefits, social care, housing and transport — anything to do about being disabled. All the content we write is based on quantitative and qualitative data that Scope gather.

I offer support to individuals and their families so that disabled people can live the life that they choose.

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I am proud to have won several awards. I have twice recently featured in the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list, I have won a British education award for my contribution to improving accessibility within higher education and have also won awards from Scope and RNIB.

I’m also a regular public speaker. During the summer of 2022, I spoke to 15,000 people at Red Kite Alliance (all the high schools in Leeds and the local area) as one of their keynote speakers. I was able to speak to teachers and teaching assistants about inclusion within education, including some who’d taught or supported me while I was in high school!

My advice to others

For any prospective students thinking about attending Leeds Trinity, I would say go for it! It is a very supportive environment where the staff really want you to succeed. At the same time, you will be pushed to reach your goals.

I had a very complete experience at Leeds Trinity and I would say there is always more to university than just completing assignments — so take advantage of the extra-curricular valuable opportunities that come your way too.