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Primary School Teacher

I am shaping the minds of the younger generation and I am creating a more inclusive generation.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity and my best memories

I chose Leeds Trinity mainly because it felt homely. For me, the main thing university had to provide was comfort and support and that is exactly what it did. I can’t pinpoint one specific memory, but I can say that the friends I made have become friends for life.  I worked hard, but always made time to enjoy myself at the pubs and clubs.

Chelsea-Jane Tweed with certificate.

Valuable placement opportunities

Throughout the duration of my course, I took part in two placements which both helped me to gain valuable experience working with children. My first was at Westbrook Lane Primary. Its location was extremely useful as it was at the bottom of campus and the teaching staff there were helpful, kind and extremely professional. My second was at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm which gave me an insight into working with people with SEND and working in alternative education.

What I enjoyed most about the course

I think what I enjoyed most about the Philosophy, Ethics and Religion (PER) was the comradery. We were all very different people and at the start we didn’t talk very much. However, as time went on and you realise the challenges people face at university, we became friends and a very close bunch. I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say I would not have got through the course without everyone and their wonderful advice.

Chelsea-Jane Tweed graduation.

Leaving university with new skills

Two main skills I learned because of Leeds Trinity are how to write formally and determination. Both of these skills I thought I had already, however you never really know either until you go to university. Having to push yourself to meet deadlines isn’t easy but if you are determined to succeed, you always will. I always struggled with formal writing throughout school, but I feel I had a huge breakthrough when I was applying for jobs with my lecturer, Shyanne. She sat and showed me how to proofread. She took time out of her day to do this and I can never thank her enough.

My career after graduating

I went on to be a primary school teacher and I could not imagine anything better. I am shaping the minds of the younger generation and I am creating a more inclusive generation. Because of PER, I have become an advocate for diversity and inclusivity for all. I can proudly say I have ‘created’ 30 wonderful minds who are inquisitive but extremely respectful of other people’s views. We have debates but always remember that we respect each other. I am so proud I have been able to do this.

My advice to prospective students thinking about doing a similar course

I would honestly say go for it. As cheesy as it sounds, PER has made me who I am. I am more confident in my own ideas and I can stand up for what I believe in. Even if your future career doesn’t use Religious Education as specifically as mine does, it alters your mindset. What’s better than that?