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Production Secretary, The Yorkshire Vet, Daisybeck Studios

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

When I walked onto the Leeds Trinity Campus back on Open Day, I knew this was the place for me. The campus itself made me feel like it was a home away from home, the scale and friendliness of both staff and students both made me feel inclined to become a part of this community. One of the main reasons why I chose to join Leeds Trinity was due to the established and confident lecturers that would be teaching me and aspiring me daily to get into the industry. Their connections and past experiences alone were fascinating but to listen to them and for them to share them with you was amazing, I felt very lucky to be a student.

Another reason why I chose Leeds Trinity was that you were able to complete two six-week professional work placements. These enhanced my CV greatly, and many employers after graduation were so impressed due to the amount of quality work experience I had gotten whilst I had been at Leeds Trinity. This definitely helped being a recent graduate new to the industry. I feel as though I got much more than a degree with Leeds Trinity and my CV reflects that.

My best student memories

I have so many amazing memories whilst studying at Leeds Trinity, but there are a couple that stand out. In my first year creating a live ten-minute TV show was one of my highlights. I got to work in a huge team full of friends, figuring out our roles in a television industry style module, where we got to use professional standard equipment that I now use in my job every day.

The exhilaration of having to keep within time constraints was very beneficial and just having that glimpse of experience of what live TV would be like was amazing. Another great memory was my work experience placement with Trinity Vision, if I didn’t do this placement I definitely wouldn't have the knowledge and practical experience that helped me get to where I am today. Ally Thornton taught me so much practically about cameras and editing and rounded me into the perfect production secretary!

Working with Trinity Vision was great as we got to experience being on cameras, editing, floor managers, producers, researchers and directors - all still whilst having fun. We had the chance to produce quality videos and products for real life clients. Being at Trinity Vision prepped me to be in the production field of the television industry, this is something I couldn’t without the support of my lecturers too, I loved David Dodds’ lectures on Television and I think that this is where I grew to love the industry and knew that is where I wanted to start once I left. 

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Overcoming challenges

There were many challenges to overcome whilst working at university, the adaptability you need to work in a team and the reliance you need on other people. Letting people into your precious projects can be difficult to juggle. The shear volume of work, both practical and academic was challenging but that has allowed me to be great at my job. It enabled me to prioritise and be well ahead with time management – all which has allowed me to become a better production secretary.

My career after graduation

After graduating I secured the role of production secretary for Channel 5’s show The Yorkshire Vet based at Daisybeck Studios. The job includes organising the crew and talent for the various shoots for the show, keeping track of all their movements, organising travel movement orders and accommodation, travel/transport, hire cars.

The role also involves dealing with contributor, crew and charity requests that come in based on the show, as it is a large brand we do as much for the fans as possible. I also eyeball and deliver the episodes to the channel, with the post-production scripts, blur lists and consent checks. I make sure the legality of the show is all correct, this includes making sure everyone has given consent, and I also deal with the money that the crew claim. I basically organise the whole team to make sure the programme keeps working.

My career highlights

My career highlights would have to include being on set when you work tirelessly for four months to do a week live on set in the studio. The energy and vibe is just amazing. I have loved meeting all the talent we have worked with - especially seeing the people I looked up to when I was younger. I have had the opportunity to work with Dominic Brunt and Kelvin Fletcher from Emmerdale, and JB from the pop group JLS. Being able to go to awards like the Royal Television Society and the O2 Media Awards and being surrounding by groups of amazing people who make incredible programmes is very surreal.

But I think the biggest career highlight for me has to be my first TV credit and seeing my name on TV for the first time. I was working on Channel 5’s Springtime on the Farm and watched the show when it went out and got my whole family to sit round the TV right until the end to watch my name scroll up! Another highlight is just making it in the industry and being part of an amazing team.

My advice to prospective students

The biggest piece of advice that I would give to a prospective Leeds Trinity student considering doing a course is to do it. The course at Leeds Trinity really helped me develop new connections and to network - all whilst getting a degree. I wouldn’t be in this job today if it weren’t for my connections that my lecturers passed onto me and I can’t thank Glyn Middleton enough. Leeds Trinity helped give me the confidence I needed to attend networking events and my placements helped me gain basic connections in the industry.

If it wasn’t for Leeds Trinity I wouldn’t be where I am in the industry and I will always thank them for giving me more than a degree.