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Researcher, Air TV

Within three months of graduating I found myself doing my dream job and on the path I wanted to be following.

Why I chose Leeds Trinity and my advice when choosing where to study

I'd advise prospective students to really think about what they need from their learning environment and weigh that up with the student experience you want to have. Never make a decision without visiting a university. Leeds Trinity on paper wasn't my first option online, but after two hours on site I knew this was where I wanted to be before I'd even left the campus. This was because of the relationships I saw between lecturers and students, supportive working relationships that last long after leaving.

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Overcoming challenges

University life really helped me find my feet in the world and confidence in myself. This was partly due to my dyslexia diagnosis in first year. I'd gone eighteen years without a formal diagnosis and my learning disability was picked up in my very first shorthand class. From there I was offered support from student services and my reading and writing skills came on leaps and bounds. Without the support I got and tools I was given I would not have graduated with a First-class degree in Journalism - a course that relies heavily on reading and writing! The beauty of a smaller university is that you do not go unnoticed and you're far from a student number on a register. 

My career highlights 

After graduating I was able to find work as a Broadcast Journalist for That's TV York, covering multiple local news stories five days a week. The job was exciting but because of a short film called "Life's a Drag" that was made in my final year of University, I found myself in contact with Air TV and I've never looked back. Air TV are a factual Yorkshire-based TV production company making a wide range of programmes, from popular factual history shows to emergency programmes. Within three months of graduating I found myself doing my dream job and on the path I wanted to be following. 

Charlie Wainwright with camera.

My advice for a prospective student considering a similar course  

I'd advise students to really consider which stream of journalism is their end goal but be flexible to that changing as you experience the industry. I changed my mind within my first term at Leeds Trinity as I wanted a wider degree that covered different types of Journalism, it's okay to change what you want. Remember that you can tailor your experience by carefully selecting your modules later in your academic journey. University is all about options - you can be indecisive (I was)!