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Year 4 Teacher, Dixons Academies Trust

The placements not only help you decide but they can help you secure a role.

Inspirations to become a teacher

I had a teacher at secondary school called Mr Redhead. He believed in me throughout my secondary school days and in sixth form he was always there and available when I needed guidance. He was the teacher I wanted to be in the future, one who is engaging and also firm but fair.

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Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I chose Leeds Trinity as I was really interested in being a PE teacher and I really liked the size of the campus. I knew I would be able to be in a smaller group and there would be a lot of practical sessions I could get so much out of.

My best memories

One of the most valuable experiences about studying at Leeds Trinity was being a Student Ambassador. This really built my confidence and allowed me to meet and build relationships with other students that were on very different courses.

Brad and Jess with Lauren Cobb.

As an ambassador I also stepped out of my comfort zone to deliver a speech to a school I was visiting one day. Whilst this was nerve-racking I developed a new confidence that gave me the self belief to stand up in front of groups.

What I enjoyed most about the course

I really enjoyed being able to create a coaching plan and then test it out on my fellow students. The course was very practical and hands-on which is what I always wanted.

Studying at Leeds Trinity, on both courses, made me a lot more resilient. Overall, I really grew up at University as I had to do everything for myself.

Valuable placements

One of the standout things about Leeds Trinity was also the fact that you were offered a placement every year. The placements really helped me to decide on my future career and the route I wanted to go down with regards to being a teacher. My first year placement was at a primary school and in the second year I went to a semi professional football club. In my third year I went to a secondary school and it was there I decided that I really wanted to do a PGCE. Without the placements I wouldn’t have had the clarity of my ideal career destination.

Despite not going down the PE route in the end, the skills I learnt have already helped me instil best practice within the school for making the classrooms more active.

My advice to anyone thinking of studying similar courses

I would say come and embrace the experience that Leeds Trinity can offer you and take advantage of all the additional support available. Having three placements at undergraduate level supports your employability and helps guide you in deciding the career path you really want.

On the PGCE I also undertook placements. My second and third placements were at the school I actually work at now, with Dixons Academy. So the placements not only help you decide but they can help you secure a role.