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Production Coordinator, Renegade Pictures

I have worked on Daisybeck’s television shows such as The Yorkshire Vet and Help the Animals at Christmas.

Why I chose to attend Leeds Trinity

I chose to attend Leeds Trinity as it was a smaller University and I felt comfortable there when I attended the open days. I knew it would be an easier transition from Sixth Form for such a big step, I know one of Leeds Trinity’s biggest mottos is that you’re more than just a number and I definitely got that feel which is what influenced me to apply to study there.

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My favourite student memories and finding a balance

I loved every moment of working at Trinity Vision both on placement and projects that followed, I learnt a lot there and it was highly enjoyable. I enjoyed working on the documentary module and creating my own projects. Leeds Trinity left me with so many happy memories both in lectures and outside of lectures with the friends I made.

One of the biggest challenges I faced at university was trying to balance my studies, part time work and having a social life. I found with the right job this was made a whole lot easier, I changed from a job with different shift patterns to one with set hours and I found this was a great way to find the balance.

Great early experience

A year after graduating I worked at Daisybeck as the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director at Daisybeck Studios. My role entailed looking after the MD’s diary and coordinating his day-to-day arrangements. I made sure he got to where he needed to be. I was also in charge of managing a Year in Industry student that we had at Daisybeck and also the Work Experience Programme that was run. My general day to day duties changed dependant on the MD’s needs and I had to be extremely adaptable and organised within my role.

Career highlights

I have worked on Daisybeck’s television shows such as The Yorkshire Vet and Help the Animals at Christmas. I have enjoyed every moment of my career so far, but I think one of the proudest moments has to be watching our three-hour telethon going out live on television, I felt so proud of being a part of such a small team that pulled off such a big show.

My advice to a student thinking of studying at Leeds Trinity

I would advise prospective and current students to understand that the television industry is one that you have to work to get into, no job is going to come to you and you have to work hard to go and get it. You also won’t come in and be a camera operator or similar role straight out of university. The course will set you up with amazing skills and knowledge of some of the roles within the industry but there is still a lot to learn, you need to walk before you can run. Most people in the industry start as runners and may have a passion and interest for more senior roles but it takes time to get there and learn everything that is necessary to undertake these roles.