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Trainee Teacher

I have been able to create a teaching persona and build my own style of teaching based on feedback from my supervisors, mentors and peers.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I was drawn towards Leeds Trinity from the beginning due its rich history of developing high quality educators. Leeds Trinity has always based its foundation on being a teaching college. After I attended an Open Day, my decision was cemented as it had some amazing facilities and the atmosphere around the campus was driven by its vision and values of care, collaboration, integrity, excellence and inclusivity.

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Choosing the University-led route

I initially carried out extensive research on which subject would be the most appropriate for me. I spent time going onto the getintoteaching website to see my options. On top of my independent research, I spoke to family and friends who were already experienced teachers regarding possible avenues into teaching. At the Leeds Trinity Open Day I spoke to professionals who advised me on my options so I decided, in the end, to opt for the University-led approach to become a teacher.

What I liked most about the course

I have enjoyed a wide variety of aspects related to my course at Leeds Trinity. What I have enjoyed the most is the fantastic opportunities gaining experience and teaching young minds about a subject that I am truly passionate about. Teaching Geography has not only been the best thing but building a three-way link between staff, student and parent has allowed me to create relationships with young people on a deeper level based around mutual respect.

Essential placement experience

The teaching placements have been a fundamental part of my experience within this course. It has allowed me to develop my professional practice. I have vastly improved on my ability to plan and teach lessons. It has given me the opportunity to reflect, adapt and improve myself as a teacher. Moreover, I have been able to create a teaching persona and build my own style of teaching based on feedback from my supervisors, mentors and peers.

Great support

I have felt supported by my tutor at Leeds Trinity as she has provided me with guidance whenever necessary. It is quite evident, from my experience, that the university and the teaching placements work closely and collaboratively to ensure that they provide trainee teachers with the best support possible, even during this pandemic. Therefore, I have been able to consistently evaluate my own practice by addressing any weaknesses and solidifying my strengths.

My advice to anyone thinking about a teaching course at Leeds Trinity

First and foremost, I would advise anyone to spend time thoroughly researching into teaching pathways. Invest time in attending Open Days at Leeds Trinity to take advantage of all the subject leads that will be present. Have a list of questions prepared and ask as many questions as possible. They are more than ready to help. They will provide you with the best advice possible on which subject / course to choose.

On top of that, visit the university facilities. They have an amazing library, modern technology to support learning and a good gym. Spend time walking around the campus to get a feel of the atmosphere and interact with people. This will allow you to gain a well-rounded observation of how Leeds Trinity is like and I’m confident that you will love it!