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Content Executive, Jet2holidays

After attending an open day and contacting various members of the Journalism lecturers, I knew Leeds Trinity would be perfect for me.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity

I always wanted to live in a new city when I moved to university and Leeds was always up there with my top choices. Leeds Trinity in an ideal spot too, close enough to the city with lots of local amenities but in its own little campus bubble so you can really immerse yourself in the student experience.

In comparison to Leeds’ two other universities, I knew at Leeds Trinity I’d be treated more as an individual and wouldn’t just be seen as another number on the page. After attending an open day and contacting various members of the Journalism lecturers, I knew Leeds Trinity would be perfect for me.

My best memories from my time studying here

I met so many new people and made lifelong friends at Leeds Trinity, a lot of which I still see on a regular basis now. I think when everyone’s in the same boat, trying new things and living a new lifestyle, it’s the perfect time to make friends and find people who have similar interests to you. From the obvious nights out and takeaways to weekend getaways and trips to the cinema, you do it all with your flat mates and course mates, so they’re bound to become a big part of your life.

In terms of the course, I loved being thrown in at the deep end! Speaking to press officers on the phone just minutes after you’d stepped foot in the room, interviewing local sports stars when you’d done little-to-no preparation or vox-popping members of the public at the local supermarket. No day was ever the same as the last.

Ashleigh Jones in Algarve.

The biggest skills I took away

My levels of confidence increased by the bucketload which allowed me to put myself out there in new situations. One of the favourite skills I took from the course was shorthand. Although I don’t now use it in my day-to-day work, it’s definitely handy to have if you need to quickly take note of something. Plus, it’s a pretty cool skill to have! ​​

My current role and career highlights

I’m currently working at Jet2holidays as a Content Executive, writing copy for a whole world of things. From emails and website copy to blog posts and brochures, it’s a very varied role. I also get to travel in my role and have recently visited the Algarve in Portugal (photo above), Parga and Lefkas in Greece and Krakow in Poland (photo below).

How my placement helped me

I completed my placement at Durham County Council and it was a real eye-opener into the world of ‘real’ work. Going from living a student lifestyle into a 9-5 job was a bit of a shock to the system but it just gave me a taste of what I could expect when I graduated. I loved the fast-paced environment of the office and it just spurred me on to do better in my studies to prepare for employment.

Ashleigh Jones in Krakow.

My advice to prospective students

I’d say go for it! Do your research and make sure it’s right for you but then give it your all and try your best. University it one of the most exciting times of your life, so make the most of it! In my experience, it was all about grabbing every opportunity you could with both hands. You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and say yes to things that you might not normally say yes to. New experiences come from stepping out of your comfort zone and that’s definitely something I took from my time at university. ​​

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