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Newsdesk Editor and Breakfast newsreader Greatest Hits Radio UK and Greatest Hits Radio London

The practical skills which I developed on the course and the kindness and support shown from the course leaders played a huge part in me getting to where I am today.

Why I chose to study at Leeds Trinity University

The MA Journalism course at Leeds Trinity stood out to me for a number of reasons, but my top three would be the BJTC / NCTJ accreditation, the first-class facilities on campus and the professional placements and events with industry experts.

Both NCTJ and BJTC accreditations are valued by employers in the industry and if you have the accreditation, you stand out from other graduates when looking for jobs. The requirements for the accrediting bodies give you the chance to develop real skills – it’s not just a box-tick exercise to meet what’s needed.

My favourite aspects of the course

The networking opportunities available to you set you up to explore a career on any path of journalism. Journalism and Media Week gave us the chance to meet, network with and interview industry professionals at the top of their game. From recent graduates to local journalists and national media producers, broadcasters and documentary-makers, you’re able to connect with people who will be contacts for life and potentially help with future placements and career opportunities.

Another reason why I loved studying at Leeds Trinity was the practical nature of the course – you don’t feel like a student, it’s as though you’re in a newsroom from day one. You turn around news stories to meet deadlines, carry out interviews both in-person and over the phone and bring ideas to the table in a news conference style – just as you would in the world of journalism. You’re developing key skills which you’ll take with you in your career – from learning how to ask the right questions in an interview to developing the drive and tenacity needed in the workplace.

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Being a Breakfast newsreader and bulletins editor

In my first role as a Breakfast newsreader and bulletin editor for Bauer, I read and wrote the news for stations across the region and country.

Someone once asked me – what do you do between each news bulletin, though? – And my response? The news never stops! Alongside reading and writing each news bulletin, I’m checking I am across what’s going on locally, nationally, sometimes internationally and setting the news agenda for the day. I’ll decide who we’re going to chase an interview with for our afternoon bulletins for the Drive newsreader, set it up, edit any clips we’ll use in the bulletins. I meet with the national news teams each day – which really helps with so many of us news reading remotely at the moment – as it gives us the chance to see what everyone has planned for the day and week ahead and share content ideas. I’m always thinking on my feet to see how we can turn a national story into something which matters to local people.

I also need to keep my eyes on local sport – so for us, when Leeds United got promoted to the Premier League it was a huge moment for West Yorkshire! Our coverage of the whole event was huge, in the build-up and once they managed to clinch promotion – I even did my first OB (outside bulletin) a couple of months in to my role - reading the 8 o’clock news from Elland Road which was really exciting.

Getting my foot in the door early

I worked really hard from day one, snapping up any opportunities I could – paid or unpaid – even if it meant waking up at 2 o’clock in the morning to read the news! I’ve always been told that people will remember someone’s drive and enthusiasm, so I’ve always tried to demonstrate my tenacity and creativity to any news editor or journalist I’ve worked with.

I worked hard to network with as many people as I could and so I was working as a freelance broadcast journalist before Christmas. Freelance opportunities opened up more doors and by March, I was offered the full-time staff role I’m in now. I’m really lucky to be doing what I love in an industry I thrive in – but it’s all about graft and looking for new opportunities and jumping – even if it’s a little bit out of your comfort zone!

The practical skills which I developed on the course and the kindness and support shown from the course leaders played a huge part in me getting to where I am today.

My advice to someone thinking about enrolling on to the MA Journalism degree at Leeds Trinity

Jump! Get ready to work hard – and then try and work even harder – but studying MA Journalism has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and played a big part in me landing a dream job – which I love so much I don’t even mind the 4am alarm!