The Board of Governors is ultimately responsible for all the University’s activities, but specifically its educational character and mission, its senior management structure and its financial solvency. 

Leeds Trinity University is a registered charity and board members also act as Trustees.

Members of the Board come from all walks of life, bringing considerable experience to the University.

The primary responsibilities of the Board are:

  • To contribute to and approve the University’s mission and strategic vision, through approval of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026, and associated academic and business plans and budgets designed to support the achievement of the mission and vision. 
  • To ensure that appropriate supporting strategies are in place in relation to key Board interests such as academic standards and student experienceestates, finance and human resources. 
  • To monitor the University’s performance against approved strategies, using key performance indicators benchmarked wherever possible against competitor institutions, and to make available the outcomes of that monitoring.
  • To ensure that appropriate systems of control and accountability are in place to secure the solvency of the University and the safeguarding of its assets, including financial and operational controls and risk management procedures and that such systems are subject to audit.

The composition of the board

The board is currently made up of twenty-two members including:

  • Ex Officio members: The Bishop of Leeds, Rt Reverend Marcus Stock, The nominee of the Superior General of the Cross and Passion: Mrs S. Rix, Vice-chancellor: Professor Charles Egbu
  • 16 Independent members: 5 Catholic Education Service Nominees, 5 Sisters of the Cross and Passion Nominees, 6 appointed members
  • One Academic staff member
  • One Professional Services staff member
  • One Student member

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Committees of the Board of Governors 

The Board of Governors has the following committees:

  • Academic Assurance and Student Experience Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance & Resources Committee
  • Governance & Nominations Committee
  • Partnership Committee
  • Remuneration Committee

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Download the Board of Governors Schedule of Meetings 2024-25

Articles of Association

The University has Articles of Association incorporating Instrument and Articles of Government.

This is the governing document that defines the University's aims and objectives and how the University undertakes its core functions.

Board of Governors Register of Interest

Download the Remuneration Committee’s Annual Statement

Governance Effectiveness Review

In January 2023, Leeds Trinity University commissioned Halpin Partnership to conduct an independent external review of governance effectiveness.

You can download the Governance Effectiveness Review below.

Minutes of Board meetings

You can download minutes from the Minutes of meetings of the Board of Governors page.